Why Pastors and Leaders of Churches Should Work Out

A very interesting article I accidentally (or divinely?) ran into while trolling the web at 5:45 am yesterday morning.

A few months ago, I thought to myself, “Why are some pastors or religious leaders fat out of shape?

Round is a shape though, right?

Anyways, my first thought was to defend them and give them a reason for it. They are super busy doing what they have been called to do and the demands of running a church or being the leader of their community weighs on them heavily. They probably don’t have a lot of time to eat right, work out, etc.

Maybe this is the new t-shirt I should make…


But then I thought, “Everyone is busy. Doctors, attorneys, sales reps, nurses, students (they think they’re busy), business owners, etc.. Heck, in my experience over the last few years, I think the hardest job to have if you want to work out is probably and OWNER OF A CROSSFIT GYM! They can barely get there own workouts in somedays!

So here’s the article I read.


Basically it’s all the same stuff I am have been thinking but this guy is actually is a pastor and wrote it down.

Enjoy your day off!

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