Describe “Fran” in Four Words


Tomorrow, my lovely athletes will experience Fran. I am so giddy that we are finally doing this workout that I will probably have a hard time sleeping.

There are four letters in Fran, so please comment if you can and in four Words, describe Fran if you have met her.

My four words are:

1. Nervous
2. Horrible
3. Can’t
4. Breathe

I use these four words because that’s how I feel the whole time.

I’m actually nervous the entire workout. Every other WOD, the nerves go away when I start, but not Fran. Before the first thruster, I am nervous about the first thruster.

When I’m doing thrusters, I am nervous about finishing the 21 unbroken.

When I am done with the thrusters, I am nervous about the pull-ups and if I will be able to finish them too.

With three pull-ups left, I am nervous and dreading the 15 thrusters.

It’s horrible from the first rep. I often think to myself during the first rep, “Why in Gods Name Am I Doing This???”

And instantly I can’t breathe the same and my heart rate goes up to 583 bpm. Thats real talk, yo…

And I can’t breathe for like 15 minutes after.

TempleStrength, meet Fran.

Fran, meet TempleSrength.

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  1. I just did Fran for the first time this week. I just about died, and I even had the weight scaled down 5 kg as thrusters are probably my weakest lift. Seriously brutal. My time? 11 minutes. ELEVEN. I suppose that just means there’s room for improvement, right?

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