What I Do During Army Reserve Training (Top Secret)…

Every month, I hang up my suit for my ACU’s to be all I can be as a weekend warrior.

You probably imagine Army training as tough, physically intense training where we prepare to fight the terrorist insurgents in close combat. Here is what you may think we do on the weekends…

But here’s a top secret video of some of our tactics. Please don’t show the Taliban… (This is actual video I took this weekend)

Crazy training huh? I know you can’t imagine how I don’t come home from drill with major PTSD but I seem to cope.

Please don’t thank me for my service just yet. Watch this video and then you can thank me for the sacrifice I make going to drill once a month… (Once again, actual video)

Yes, I know it is tough to watch what we go through on a day to day basis but please know we do this for our country. Not for money, fame, or glory.

And if that wasn’t enough, here is some footage of soldiers in a close combat tactical environment at the M-16 Qualification Range on Friday at Camp Bullis. BEWARE: Some of this footage is very intense and violent!!!

Okay, so being in the Reserves isn’t that bad. By the looks of it, we dance and throw rocks.

But we do it for our country!


SGT Galvan- OUT.

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Obsessed with marketing and helping others WIN!

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