Same Mission, Different Way of Going About It…

Not that many people look at this site, but just in case they do…

My wife and I started TempleStrength for a couple of different reasons:

  1. To bring CrossFitters to God
  2. To bring people in the church to CrossFit

The acronym of “TEMPLE” stands for



Ministering to

People through

Love and


I stopped the “gym” back in April for many different reasons. I absolutely love coaching, teaching, and helping people with their health and wellness but it was becoming detrimental to my own health and wellness due!!! I was getting sick a lot, I was stressed, my own training was suffering, and Emily and I were about to have our little Abigail. I knew something had to give so after praying about it, talking to my family and a few friends, I gave up the gym owner life and went back to normal life!

Thanks for making time for me, Pops!


Although I absolutely miss my athletes, I know they are all doing well and in good hands at Bedlam CrossFit!

Well now the Alamo City Throwdown is my main focus to reach out and serve the CrossFit community! God has been so faithful in opening up doors for us and Emily and I look forward to what God has in store for us!

About Chris Galvan

Obsessed with marketing and helping others WIN!

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