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Same Mission, Different Way of Going About It…

Not that many people look at this site, but just in case they do…

My wife and I started TempleStrength for a couple of different reasons:

  1. To bring CrossFitters to God
  2. To bring people in the church to CrossFit

The acronym of “TEMPLE” stands for



Ministering to

People through

Love and


I stopped the “gym” back in April for many different reasons. I absolutely love coaching, teaching, and helping people with their health and wellness but it was becoming detrimental to my own health and wellness due!!! I was getting sick a lot, I was stressed, my own training was suffering, and Emily and I were about to have our little Abigail. I knew something had to give so after praying about it, talking to my family and a few friends, I gave up the gym owner life and went back to normal life!

Thanks for making time for me, Pops!


Although I absolutely miss my athletes, I know they are all doing well and in good hands at Bedlam CrossFit!

Well now the Alamo City Throwdown is my main focus to reach out and serve the CrossFit community! God has been so faithful in opening up doors for us and Emily and I look forward to what God has in store for us!

Prayers and Well Wishes to the Crawfords!!!

Our resident hunk, Scott Crawford and his beautiful bride Bekah are scheduled to give birth to their first born today! We are all so excited to meet Baby Benjamin and we are all praying and thinking of them today.

We also had our first ever “Baby WOD”, where we honor the children of our members! Today’s little workout was obviously named “Benjamin”.

10 Power Cleans @135/95

5Front Squats

10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees


Do Your Parents Do This?

Last night I saw something really special so I decided I had to capture it on film.

Both of my amazing parents at the gym.


Lifting weight.

I hope and pray that Emily and I are still doing this in 40 years.

You see my dad is 70 in April and my mom… Well she is around 40 something (still). So what’s your excuse for not getting to the gym?

And don’t tell me you are too old to do it.

Enjoy the graceful strength of my mother and the raw brutality of force my father displays on a daily basis…

Like Father Like Daughter…

Meet Jacob Flach, one of TempleStrength’s awesome members. Here he is foam rolling like a champ.


Meet Kate Flach, Jacob’s daughter. Here she is foam rolling like a BOSS.

It is very refreshing to see our athletes teaching the next generation how to stay healthy.

Even though little Kate has no idea what her IT Band, hip flexors, or Quad Head are right now.

Here’s to you Jacob and Kate!

Reflecting on 2012…

It has been an amazing year for Emily and me.

Looking back on the year, I give all thanks to God for so many things…

1) The beginning of the 2nd year of my marriage with Emily…

2) Amazing parents and brother…


3) My crazy Daphne…

4) The Birth of TempleStrength…


5) Competing at CrossFit Regionals in April…

6) Finding out we are expecting a little girl!!!!!




7) My health and ability to work out!



8) Serving my country and learning to appreciate the Army more and more…

9) And last but not least, growing closer to The Lord as I follow Him through life…

I pray you all can reflect on 2012 and why it was good. Remember that God uses all things to further your growth and development, even the bad stuff! I pray that you all will grow closer to God in 2013 and allow him to invade every aspect of your life!

See ya 2012! Welcome 2013… Whatever it brings!

“Thanksgiving Week DO IT YOURSELF WODS”: Thursday 11.22.12 – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am so blessed and so thankful for everything in my life.

To name a few…

My beautiful and wonderful wife, Emily.


My puppy Daphne.


My dad, mom, and brother.



My friends, my co-workers, my TempleStrength Athletes, and new people I have met through the CrossFit community.



Curt Kruse and Family…


Tommy Peterson and his beautiful wife, Loren


Oh yeah, their FOUR BOYS!!!


Scott and Bekah…

With Gabe and Lexi, Bekah’s niece and nephew…


Phil, Lisa, and their children…



Kim and Nick…


Marty, Scott and kids….


Deby and her Tyson…


My health and my home.

But most of all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all of the above possible…


Here is today’s WOD before you eat all of your daily meals in one sitting…


Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Today, heaven, earth, and all of the universe celebrate a special woman that has touched the lives of so many people, especially me and my brother Steve.
Happy Birthday Momma! Here’s a High 5 x 2 reps for time!
Sandy Galvan is an amazing woman who helped raise two HELLACIOUS twin boys who were born without the ability to sit still or clean their room. She is also an amazing wife to my dad Arthur Galvan, which more than anything taught me what a Christian wife should look like and helped shape and mold my experience of what true love looks and feels like.
“Buy us more toys, Mom!”
I am truly blessed to be able to be able to wish my dearest mother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I love you mom! Your dedication and loyalty to dad, your work ethic, your love for Steve and me, and your unwavering desire for excellence have helped me in more ways than you will ever know.
The greatest gift you gave me was the way you love your husband and my Dad…
Thank you for always being there for me, for listening to me when I needed help, for giving me a little cash in college (and in my 20’s) when I needed some “walking around money”. You always encouraged me to follow my heart, do the right thing, and focus on what God wants me to do.
“I sure hope she caught up on her sleep while she had the chance…”
I feel the foundation of faith that you and dad set for me as a young child is what I now stand upon as I lead Emily and me as a Christian husband. God has given me the most wonderful mother in the world and I pray that you have a wonderful day today and the best year of your life!
I hope we will always get to dance together!!!
Happy birthday Mom! I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY!!!!
A Salute to The Most Wonderful Woman in the World…