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A Half Marathon or 13.1???

If you had a choice, which one would you rather do???

Run 13.1 miles or perform The CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1. Choose quickly…

I may say that some people would rather run for 2 hours than do the following in 17 minutes:

40 Burpees

30 Snatches @ 75/45

30 Burpees

30 Snatches at 135/75

20 Burpees

30 Snatches @ 165/100

10 Burpees

AMRAP Snatches @210/120

This morning, we tackled this WOD and here are some videos of our awesome peeps suffering 13.1 Style!

Jocelyn breezing through the second round of Snatches…

Deby hitting a PR (75) EIGHT TIMES!!!!

Curt failing at 135…

And then with a combo of my amazing coaching (haha), his determination, and God’s strength within him, here he is looking like a BOSS…


Congrats to my athletes for an awesome showing this morning! So proud of you guys!

Saturday Team WOD with TempleStrength!!!

What an awesome day we had today with our members and their families!

First an awesome WOD where the men tested their strength against the women. We started with a fun long workout where the men were slightly ahead at the beginning but then the women absolutely dominated one of the movements and eventually won.

Here we started with Deadlifts and an active rest by holding the KB over the head.

They tested their balance with a 2 point stance while another partner did Knees to Elbows.

During the WOD, the teams had to Frog Jump 200M together. (This seemed brutal, luckily I didn’t do it…)

They finished up the WOD and thought they were done but then I had them do a Sled Drag relay where the girls won (again).

Thinking they were done (again), they finished them up with 100 Burpee Box Jumps as a team. The guys finally won. I thought they were going to go 0 for 3 today.

They absolutely hated me for this but now they love me. 🙂

We then finished up with a great Paleo BBQ at the house.

Great job, guys! It is an honor to coach you all!!!

“DT”, Paleo Challenge, and a Online Client comes to visit…

A lot of great stuff happening at the gym!!!

This week we did the hero WOD “DT”. It is a nasty little workout which is made up of:

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Prescribed weight is 155lbs. And you do this 5 Rounds for time.

We also had 2 winners of the 2 week challenge, Jocelyn and Tommy! Congrats to both of them as they have been eating clean, living clean, and working out dirty… 😉
Here’s Jossy…

And Tommy!

Also, we had the pleasure this morning of having Vanessa come to visit us and learn some Hang Cleans, Deadlifts, Pullups, and Farmers Carry. I have had the pleasure of coaching Vanessa as she works out at work during the lunch hour! She has come a long way since a month and half ago, and it is awesome to see her in the gym!

Have a great weekend everyone! God bless you all!

Prayers and Well Wishes to the Crawfords!!!

Our resident hunk, Scott Crawford and his beautiful bride Bekah are scheduled to give birth to their first born today! We are all so excited to meet Baby Benjamin and we are all praying and thinking of them today.

We also had our first ever “Baby WOD”, where we honor the children of our members! Today’s little workout was obviously named “Benjamin”.

10 Power Cleans @135/95

5Front Squats

10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees


The Last Few Reps…

You know the feeling…

You are gassed and your lungs are burning but you have a few more reps to go. So you dig deep and crank out the last few reps.

Sometimes you don’t actually have it in you but God provided the strength to get it done. It is an awesome feeling knowing you pushed through the pain and finished the workout.

Here’s Deby finishing this mornings WOD. Her last 6 reps…

Great work, Deby and everyone out there who pushes through those last few reps.

TempleStrength Wins Local CrossFit Competition, Advances to World Qualifying Games!

Okay, so I wrote that so you would read this blog. There are no “World Qualifying Games”. Please forgive me for fibbing… This weekend, my brother’s gym, 210CrossFit held a small, fun competition and a few TempleStrength peeps competed as a team. And we won.

It felt like we advanced to the World Qualifying Games.

The main reason I want you to read this post because I want to give a few shout outs to some special people…

First of all, the TempleStrength Team consisting of Curt Kruse, Deby Carlin, Michelle Hitchcock allowed me to be a part of the team! Here’s the winning team:

(L-R: Michelle, Deby, Curt, and Chris)


A big shout out to Jacob Flach, one of our athletes who came out to support us and took this video of our choreographed dance… (Please do not attempt any of these moves at home. We are professionals)

Thanks also to our judge, Marcia Custodio who was an awesome judge and encourager throughout the competition!


We had a ton of fun doing all kind of crazy CrossFit stuff… Here are some action shots…







We also danced, did trivia, and spelled words backwards.




All in all, we had a great time and God blessed us with a fun, tiring, injury free day!

Like Father Like Daughter…

Meet Jacob Flach, one of TempleStrength’s awesome members. Here he is foam rolling like a champ.


Meet Kate Flach, Jacob’s daughter. Here she is foam rolling like a BOSS.

It is very refreshing to see our athletes teaching the next generation how to stay healthy.

Even though little Kate has no idea what her IT Band, hip flexors, or Quad Head are right now.

Here’s to you Jacob and Kate!

TempleStrength Breakdance Crew…

It’s officially OFFICIAL. We have a 6 member B-Boy and B-Girl Crew.

TempleStrength B-Boys and B-Girl


(TOP ROW-From left to right: Beasty McScott, Tommy Tom, Jacob’s Ladder, and Joe Mo)

(BOTTOM ROW- Left to Right: Deby C N Da Place 2B, and Betta Curt than Neva)


You just can’t make this stuff up folks… Here I am messing with a rower when I look up and see this all in black Hip Hop Crew just jumping around and crumping.

Okay, maybe they weren’t crumping but they were warming up. And sometimes at 6 am, six people all in black warming up looks like crumping…

You smell what I’m steppin’ in?

Anyways, have a blessed day and keep it real out there. Here’s some real B-Boys and B-Girls from around the world…

“Thanksgiving Week DO IT YOURSELF WODS”: Thursday 11.22.12 – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am so blessed and so thankful for everything in my life.

To name a few…

My beautiful and wonderful wife, Emily.


My puppy Daphne.


My dad, mom, and brother.



My friends, my co-workers, my TempleStrength Athletes, and new people I have met through the CrossFit community.



Curt Kruse and Family…


Tommy Peterson and his beautiful wife, Loren


Oh yeah, their FOUR BOYS!!!


Scott and Bekah…

With Gabe and Lexi, Bekah’s niece and nephew…


Phil, Lisa, and their children…



Kim and Nick…


Marty, Scott and kids….


Deby and her Tyson…


My health and my home.

But most of all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all of the above possible…


Here is today’s WOD before you eat all of your daily meals in one sitting…


“Cleaning Up”

Curt and Tommy showed up this morning to “clean up”.

They learned the Power Clean and I believe they surprised themselves. Here are videos of their PR’s…



Way to go gentlemen. Or should I say, “beasts”???