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A Little Closer to Heaven…

The theme of this week is, “He Must Increase, I Must Decrease” -John 3:30

Getting closer to heaven isn’t an easy process but when you experience it, it is absolutely amazing. Ask God to become greater in your life and you will start becoming less…

What this means is God starts actually taking over your life. Your decisions are left up to Him, your time is now spent on the eternal, not the temporal. Your view is changed and you see things in His eyes, not yours or the worlds.

What this looks like…

Less TV, more reading the bible or studying scripture…
Less junk food, more healthy choices…
Less anger, more forgiveness…
Less anxiety, more peace…
Less sadness, more joy…
Less staying up all night tossing and turning, more sleep…
Less arguing, more laughing…

The list goes on and on but as God takes over your life, your natural and sinful nature starts vanishing and people start seeing Jesus through you!

Here’s some pics of Scott, Marty, and Curt getting a “Little Closer to Heaven” this morning. Normally we are stuck on the ground but in brief moments, we experience weightlessness.

God wants us to experience weightlessness every day! Become less and He will become more!!!





Happy Birthday Angela!!!!

We would like to wish Angela a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a blessed day and week! Enjoy some cake 😉


She works so hard and always has such an awesome attitude! We are truly blessed to have her in our gym as one of the original “Fab 5” members!


So here’s to you, Angela! Happy Birthday!!!

“The Fab 5” of TempleStrength BootCamp!!!

Back in 1991, The University of Michigan had a special group of freshmen come through the hallways (mainly the gym I imagine) and grace the whole world with their talent and abilities on the basketball court.

Remember these guys?


I idolized these guys because I was a basketball junkie myself.

Hold Up!!! Timeout!!! This isn’t about them!


This post is about my “New Fab Five”. These are my first 5 clients who I am WAY MORE EXCITED about watching 3-4 times a week!

So here’s my starting lineup:







I am so blessed to have these athletes join TempleStrength BootCamp within the first week! It has been so much fun watching them work out and so meaningful to be a part of their physical and spiritual development.

We are a small and growing community of people who are having a blast working out while lifting each other up through prayer, encouragement, and fellowship!

Come check us out sometime!

Coach Chris