Contact Us

Chris Galvan

210.286.3838 (c)

Please email or call with questions about TempleStrength!

Our BootCamp location is 1203 West Blanco 78248. We are located off Blanco Rd, just inside 1604 behind the Longhorn Cafe and Pizza Hut.


Want to Get Started???

STEP 1: Email and let him know you would like to try it out!

STEP 2: Fill out waiver and send back to Chris

STEP 3: Show up for your first FREE class and have fun!

STEP 4: Become a member or try it for a week (3 more classes) for only $25

STEP 5: Become a member and begin an awesome journey of TRANSFORMATION!

** We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express along with cash


  • You should wear comfortable workout clothing and a good pair of shoes.
  • You may want to bring a towel and an extra t-shirt. You will get sweaty.
  • water bottle is pretty much a necessity. Hydration es muy importante. We have a water system so you can refill your bottle!


Our first class is free, but if you decide to join us for more fun we accept cash, credit, and check! We can swipe your credit card or take the number manually. If you make the choice to join our BootCamp on a monthly basis or purchase a punch card, please bring your method of payment as you decide to join our community!

Our system safely saves your credit card info and we will use that card for the monthly payment as well as t-shirt orders, supplements, etc.

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