Rest Day!!!

Enjoy the day off or do a WOD from earlier in the week you may have missed!



“Thanksgiving Week DO IT YOURSELF WODS”: Thursday 11.22.12 – Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am so blessed and so thankful for everything in my life.

To name a few…

My beautiful and wonderful wife, Emily.


My puppy Daphne.


My dad, mom, and brother.



My friends, my co-workers, my TempleStrength Athletes, and new people I have met through the CrossFit community.



Curt Kruse and Family…


Tommy Peterson and his beautiful wife, Loren


Oh yeah, their FOUR BOYS!!!


Scott and Bekah…

With Gabe and Lexi, Bekah’s niece and nephew…


Phil, Lisa, and their children…



Kim and Nick…


Marty, Scott and kids….


Deby and her Tyson…


My health and my home.

But most of all, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for making all of the above possible…


Here is today’s WOD before you eat all of your daily meals in one sitting…


“Thanksgiving Week DO IT YOURSELF WODS”: Wednesday 11.21.12


Day before Turkey Day so earn your stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie…

“Thanksgiving Week DO IT YOURSELF WODS”: Tuesday 11.20.12

Tuesday’s WOD is 15—->1 Frog Jumps then Run 50 Meters: FOR TIME.

Warm up as usual then…

Explanation: First measure out 50 M by stepping out 50 paces. This will be your 50 M sprint distance.

Do 15 Frog Jumps then Run 50 M

Do 14 Frog Jumps then Run 50 M

Do 13 Frog Jumps then Run 50 M

Follow this down all the way to 1 Frog Jump and the last sprint.

Record your time and post to the website!


Hostess Shuts Down- A Win for USA.


Hostess, maker of various tasty diabetes treats is shutting down due to their workers going on strike.

Maybe the health insurance got too expensive.

This is just awesome. A small win for our nations health and future healthcare!

Now if we can just get people to stop eating bread…



Full article here…,0,

On a more somber note, the diabetes rates have skyrocketed in the US.

Describe “Fran” in Four Words


Tomorrow, my lovely athletes will experience Fran. I am so giddy that we are finally doing this workout that I will probably have a hard time sleeping.

There are four letters in Fran, so please comment if you can and in four Words, describe Fran if you have met her.

My four words are:

1. Nervous
2. Horrible
3. Can’t
4. Breathe

I use these four words because that’s how I feel the whole time.

I’m actually nervous the entire workout. Every other WOD, the nerves go away when I start, but not Fran. Before the first thruster, I am nervous about the first thruster.

When I’m doing thrusters, I am nervous about finishing the 21 unbroken.

When I am done with the thrusters, I am nervous about the pull-ups and if I will be able to finish them too.

With three pull-ups left, I am nervous and dreading the 15 thrusters.

It’s horrible from the first rep. I often think to myself during the first rep, “Why in Gods Name Am I Doing This???”

And instantly I can’t breathe the same and my heart rate goes up to 583 bpm. Thats real talk, yo…

And I can’t breathe for like 15 minutes after.

TempleStrength, meet Fran.

Fran, meet TempleSrength.

“Cleaning Up”

Curt and Tommy showed up this morning to “clean up”.

They learned the Power Clean and I believe they surprised themselves. Here are videos of their PR’s…



Way to go gentlemen. Or should I say, “beasts”???

“Click” to Help Sandy’s Victims

We can watch the news,we can shake our heads at all the destruction, and we can pray for the victims of Sandy’s destruction.

We can also send real money to give them more help.

Click to give now!



And when disaster strikes, some people see the bright side…


A Little Closer to Heaven…

The theme of this week is, “He Must Increase, I Must Decrease” -John 3:30

Getting closer to heaven isn’t an easy process but when you experience it, it is absolutely amazing. Ask God to become greater in your life and you will start becoming less…

What this means is God starts actually taking over your life. Your decisions are left up to Him, your time is now spent on the eternal, not the temporal. Your view is changed and you see things in His eyes, not yours or the worlds.

What this looks like…

Less TV, more reading the bible or studying scripture…
Less junk food, more healthy choices…
Less anger, more forgiveness…
Less anxiety, more peace…
Less sadness, more joy…
Less staying up all night tossing and turning, more sleep…
Less arguing, more laughing…

The list goes on and on but as God takes over your life, your natural and sinful nature starts vanishing and people start seeing Jesus through you!

Here’s some pics of Scott, Marty, and Curt getting a “Little Closer to Heaven” this morning. Normally we are stuck on the ground but in brief moments, we experience weightlessness.

God wants us to experience weightlessness every day! Become less and He will become more!!!




Happy Birthday Angela!!!!

We would like to wish Angela a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a blessed day and week! Enjoy some cake 😉


She works so hard and always has such an awesome attitude! We are truly blessed to have her in our gym as one of the original “Fab 5” members!


So here’s to you, Angela! Happy Birthday!!!