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“Saturday Boys Club”

This morning apparently was Boys Club as Scott and Curt showed up to the Garage Gym aka my house for a bone crusher of a WOD.

Short video of the action:

I am proud of both of these guys as they are my first clients and have showed awesome dedication and effort this week!

Curt was beasting out the 45 lb plate run and Scott was doing Ring Rows…

After the WOD, we prayed together and recovered with some Coconut Water and protein. It was yummy. The WOD was:

Here’s a photo of my first two clients after a great WOD! Keep up the great work, Scott and Curt!

 I am honored to be able to coach these guys and all my athletes that have been coming! I pray that God will bless our community and we will be able to do mighty things for God and His kingdom!!!

Have a blessed Saturday everyone!

Come Hang Out With TempleStrength BootCamp!!!

We have been blessed to have our first two classes this week and our BootCampers seem to be having a great time! We would love for you to hang out with us sometime!










At the end of the day, we have a great time and are encouraged by God’s word, the camaraderie, and the awesome workout.

Come try us out sometime!

Have an awesome and blessed Thursday, everyone!

1st Class In The Books!

It looks like we did it!

We had a great showing this morning as 8 brave souls came and conquered our first class! We had a great time and our BootCampers did a great job with our first WOD (workout of the day).

“Genesis” was the name of our first WOD as it signifies the beginning of TempleStrength BootCamp and for some of the BootCampers, the awesome start to a journey filled with sweat, shortness of breath, and at the end of the day, RESULTS!

We look forward to seeing people on Wednesday as we continue our theme of “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” from the book of Philippians.

Check out our photos at the link (Our Photos!) located at the right of the page, just underneath “Our Location”.

Have a blessed day everyone! God is GREAT!