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Prayers and Well Wishes to the Crawfords!!!

Our resident hunk, Scott Crawford and his beautiful bride Bekah are scheduled to give birth to their first born today! We are all so excited to meet Baby Benjamin and we are all praying and thinking of them today.

We also had our first ever “Baby WOD”, where we honor the children of our members! Today’s little workout was obviously named “Benjamin”.

10 Power Cleans @135/95

5Front Squats

10 Lateral Bar Over Burpees


“Saturday Boys Club”

This morning apparently was Boys Club as Scott and Curt showed up to the Garage Gym aka my house for a bone crusher of a WOD.

Short video of the action:

I am proud of both of these guys as they are my first clients and have showed awesome dedication and effort this week!

Curt was beasting out the 45 lb plate run and Scott was doing Ring Rows…

After the WOD, we prayed together and recovered with some Coconut Water and protein. It was yummy. The WOD was:

Here’s a photo of my first two clients after a great WOD! Keep up the great work, Scott and Curt!

 I am honored to be able to coach these guys and all my athletes that have been coming! I pray that God will bless our community and we will be able to do mighty things for God and His kingdom!!!

Have a blessed Saturday everyone!